Support Services Policy, Terms & Conditions

The JBA Group, Inc. has been servicing the Internet needs of small businesses since 1992.

Our desire for a better quality of life is the driving force behind every project we accept. We do quality work at a sane pace, charging a fair rate that you can afford and that keeps potatoes on our tables. Our criteria for quality work: you're so satisfied you come back for repeat business and you refer your friends. That, to us, is success.

We work with people and companies whose products, methods and attitudes dovetail with our comfort and ethics. This rules out spammers, schemers, MLM / network marketing, and pornography. We do not necessarily have moral problems with those fields; they simply do not fit our partner profile. Nothing personal, and no disrespect intended.

We work on existing work before new work, and accept new work from existing clients before new clients. If work comes in at the same time, we work on the project for fast-pay clients before slow-pay clients. This is our way of showing appreciation for our preferred clients.

Realistic Expectations
Our promise is that we do our best to satisfy your needs. However, we have too often encountered situations where expectations are beyond reality.  Although what we do may appear easy, or the solution may seem simple, many years of experience and education is applied to every problem we encounter. The answer may seem conceptually trivial, but, in actuality, it is usually complex, given the constraints of any given development environment.  We will advise you of the feasibility and complexity of fulfilling your dream or tell you if it's only a fantasy.

Network Security
The integrity of the entire enterprise network relies on security. Because of the responsibilities of Network Administration, and the gravity of the capabilities of Administrative Access, the responsibility to maintain security for the enterprise rests with the Administrator. To maintain secuity and accountability, Administrative rights are restricted to our designated Administrator. The responsibility for security will be maintained by JBA Group, Inc. until such time your Account is closed.

Time, Tasks and Supervision
Due to the nature of on site technical activities, and the nominal level of technical capabilities of the average user, it is not possible for an average user to be responsible for supervising the technician. It is possible for the average user to confirm the amount of time spent on any declared task or visit. As a matter of formailty, the technician will announce their presence at your location upon arrival, indicate the purpose for the visit, perform the duties and announce their departure to the client or their representative. Your representative may be required to initial a time sheet indicating the time spent at your facility.  Colaborating with, interacting with, and monitoring the technician is always welcome.

We are precise in our billing; your invoice will reflect to-the-minute itemization of all time spent on your project. Here's a good thumbnail guide to what's billable: If we are working with you or on your project instead of doing other billable work, then the timer is running. This includes email support and phone calls, office calls, meetings, travel time, whatever. The most effective use of your money is to assign a job and then let us do it.

Proprietary Information and Programming
Once invoiced and paid for, any specific information regarding your systems and used for your enterprise only will be owned by you. You may do with it as you see fit. You can sell it, give it away, or fold it up and make a pterodactyl.

Remote Access Authorization
If applicable to the performance of responsibilities, you agree to allow remote access to your systems for the purposes of maintenance, testing, repairs, and service suspension as we deem necessary.

Reimbursable Expenses
We are not a reseller of goods, although occasionally we will acquire items on a reimbursable arrangement. If we agree to pick up supplies or other items on your behalf, we will submit an invoice for reimbursement. This is not a sale. We have taken money out of our pocket and loaned it to you for the period of time it takes you to pull the money out of your pocket and pay us back. The only condition under which we agree to do this for you is your promise and fulfillment of recompense without delay.

Our billing rate is $75/hr plus any expenses (LD to your office in Brazil, etc). If you're interested in a freebie (read: brief email or telephone) consultation, please give us a shout.

If you come into an emergency that requires us to interrupt our billable work, or entail weekend or evening work, it is still possible we can help. Our Emergency Billing Rate is double our normal rate, subject to availability.

We send out invoices at the beginning of each week for services rendered during the preceding week. Please pay for these services when you receive your invoice. If payment is slow to arrive we will decline future tasks and projects until your account is current. In addition, clients who pay their invoices more quickly will receive priority over those who drag their feet.

Discounts & Finance Charges
In order to reward our attentive clients, we will give them a break for paying early (and many do).

  • 2% 15 net 15
  • 2% finance charge over 30 days
  • Services will be suspended due to late payment until such time the account is brought current.

So clients who deliver payment within 15 days of the statement date get a 2% discount, and clients with statements over 30 days out get dinged 2%, and those who are late get their privileges revoked.

Invoice Delivery
In this day of technology, and after all, that's our business, we deliver our invoices via E-Mail, directly to the individual/entity responsible for payment approval. We find our method circumvents delivery problems encountered through/attributed to bureaucratic paper delivery systems. We will gladly provide copies directly to anyone your administrative process requires.

Payment Options
You may choose to pay electronically. Should you wish to establish on-line payment for your account, please let us know and we'll help you set it up.

We also accept checks, drafts, money orders and other negotiable instruments.

We reserve the right to sell our receivables. Although we have not found the need to consider factoring, we do hold this option available for any corporate purpose.

Errors and Omissions
You agree to hold JBA Group, Inc. and its representatives harmless with respect to errors and omissions resulting from inaccurate information, guidence, instructions, orders, and, otherwise assignments given by your authorized representative.

Force Majeure
We are not responsible for losses due to unforeseen events and conditions beyond our control, including, but not limited to acts of God, political risks, faulty software and irroneous information or instructions provided by technical support organizations.

In the event of a dispute regarding JBA Group, Inc, you and we agree to resolve this dispute by looking to these Terms & Conditions. If there is a conflict between what one of our employees says and the terms of this agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall control. You agree to settle any dispute that may arise through binding arbitration. The laws of the State of Texas and the County of Bexar will prevail.

Modifications and Updates
We reserve the right to modify and update this agreement from time to time, as necessary.

Entire Agreement
This is the entire agreement, no more, no less.